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Interested to share a walk with BruxLT Wellness studio members ?

For more info please contact Mr Fiori  ( 0484 62 10 76 ) or sent a mail to :



...walking improves your wellbeing at 360°?

At first you may take an effort to get up from your chair. But trust us, when you start walking regularly, you won't be able to do without it anymore. Maybe it is caused by the endorphines, maybe it is simply the beautiful nature around you or the sense of freedom you can feel... in any case, you won't be able to stop!

What we think is that there's no better vice than walking.

Several scientific studies prove that walking:

1) Improves your creativity: The effect of enhancing creativity increases to a greater extent after an outdoor walk and above all remains even after the walk is over. So if you want to find creative solutions to everyday problems or simply want to find solutions at work, walking is a good activity!

2) Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol: the immediate consequence is to reduce the risk of even serious cardiovascular diseases. Pressure reduction occurs both due to the fact of walking and structurally following loss and weight control.

3) Makes you happy: just getting up from your chair and taking a walk outside makes you feel better. And it's not just a temporary benefit. The well-being resulting from walking also persists after the walk itself and helps to sustain the mood even when it is down. Walking helps to prevent depression and in the case of mood disorders, it facilitates to overcoming or management.