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The single medical file at Medicis

More than 40 years ago, doctors and mostly specialists came to the conclusion that the patient should be treated globally and thus Medicis was born.

To reach that objective, the Center has developed the concept of a single medical file.

The idea is to create a single file for each patient coming to Medicis. This file would be accessible to any practitioner that the patient had seen and also to any doctor or health practitioner that he will see at the Center (exception made for the psychiatrists and psychologists whose notes and comments are protected by a specific charter of confidentiality).

This project implies that all practitioners from Medicis accept to work together in an open manner.

For the patient; this concept offers the assurance that he will receive good care, a global overview of his health and also the assurance that he will not undergo too many and sometimes unnecessary examinations. This concept also offers an optimal follow-up in the case where the doctor is absent, a colleague could easily replace him.