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Avenue de Tervueren 2361150 Brussels (Woluwe-Saint-Pierre) info@medicis.be+32 2 762.03.25


Dr Antoine Abi-Aad                                                                           FAQ
Dr Hubert Claes
Dr Sam Ward

Urology is a medical speciality that takes care of all issues related to the urinary tract of both men and women and of all matters relating to the male reproductive organ (prostate and external genital organs).

The urologist diagnoses and treats disorders like bladder stones, urinary tract malformations and kidney, bladder, prostate and testicular tumours.He also takes care of incontinence matters and urinary tract infection affecting both men and women.

An urologist can also be recommended for more specific matters like male sexual dysfunction (libido, infertility, erectile disorder and/or ejaculation).

Appointment's timetable

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Dr Abi-Aad   08.00-11.30
Dr Claes 15.00-19.00     08.00-15.15
Dr Ward       17.00-19.40  

Technical Exams carried out at Medicis

  • Urinary Flow test: You will be required to urinate in a small jar linked to a device that will record the strength of the flow which will give the doctor a good insight of the bladder’s functioning and the prostate and urinary tract opening’s state.  This test is simple and painless, there is no particular preparation for the test but to make sure your bladder is full.
  • Kidney, bladder, testicular and prostate ultrasound (by endo-rectal probe). The ultrasound enables the doctor to get an insight of the kidney, bladder, testicules and prostate’s state while being a simple, non-invasive and painless exam. An ultrasound by endo –rectal probe is also one of the best exam you can undergo to detect prostate cancer in tim


Frequently asked questions